🐾 Wild Rescues

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release.

Blind Deer
Russ is a blind deer. He was brought to us by a hunter who found him wandering in circles.
Baby Squirrel on a Tree House
Meet Nugget. He is learning how to climb trees and will be released in a few more weeks.
Face of a Cow
This is Ellie. She was neglected by her owner and malnourished when she was rescued.
Goat Laying in the Grass
Say hi to Vinny. His back legs were injured, making it difficult for him to get around.
Pig Standing
Rosie was just a baby when she arrived. Now she has babies.
Pig Standing
Squirt is one of Rosie’s babies.
Face of a Horse
Muffin has come a long way. She was very thin when she was rescued.
Baby Hawk
Poor Harley was rescued when he was just three weeks old. He is getting big and will be released in about a month.
Bearded Dragon
Gizmo was abandoned by his owner and is available for adoption.
Peaches was also abandoned by his owner. He loves to talk.
Sonny was just a baby when he was brought to us for rehabilitation.
Tortoise with Shell Pyramiding
Poor Victor has “shell pyramiding,” a form of bone disease.